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Meet the Team


Maddie Krasno (she/her)

Maddie holds a master’s degree in Humane Education and has worked in animal protection for over a decade. During her undergraduate education, Maddie worked for two years at UW-Madison’s Harlow Primate Research Laboratory and was later diagnosed with PTSD as a result. Maddie’s hope for Justify is that it will establish greater transparency in the animal research industry and become the community she wishes she had when she left the primate lab in 2013. 


In her free time, Maddie enjoys hiking, yoga, smoothie bowls, and the company of Millie the dog and Calvin and Celia the cats.

Mallory Cormier (she/her)

Mallory holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and has worked in the veterinary field for over 10 years. After her experience working inside animal labs, Mallory founded Save The Buns, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing sanctuary and adoption to rabbits used in animal testing.

In her free time, Mallory enjoys hiking, biking, painting, and spending time with her two rabbits, Crumpet and Chickpea.

Lindsay Lamb .jpeg

Lindsay Oliver (she/her)

Lindsay has worked inside several animal research facilities and spent over a decade helping whistleblowers share their stories. She’s a certified compassion fatigue professional and is passionate about helping others succeed and avoid burnout. 


In her free time, Lindsay enjoys writing, photography, yoga, being outdoors, and snuggling with her fur kids. 

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