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JUSTIFY is a community that supports current and former lab workers, and advocates for a world where science exists without causing harm to animals or humans.

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Artwork by Leo Balik (they/them)


We create change by raising awareness, building community, empowering storytelling, and inspiring action. Our vision is a world where science exists without suffering.

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Provide education about the challenges with animal research, including its impacts on animals and lab workers.


Inspire current and former animal research lab workers to join our supportive space and engage in discussion.


Empower members of our community to heal through storytelling and help others know they’re not alone.


Develop strategies for ending human and animal suffering in labs by advocating for change in animal research.


As former lab workers, our team at JUSTIFY knows the importance of a safe and supportive community when navigating the complex emotions and experiences associated with animal research. We are humans who care and we can’t turn that compassion off or ignore it forever. 


We help current and former lab workers navigate these feelings and facilitate opportunities to connect with others who share the same struggles. We also raise awareness about the human and animal impacts of animal research and develop strategies for ending suffering in this industry.



     COMMUNITY: We are committed to cultivating an inclusive community built on trust and respect.

     COMPASSION: We support individuals struggling with past or current animal research experience.   

     COURAGE: We empower former and current animal lab workers to courageously share their stories.

     CARE: We prioritize self-care and self-forgiveness on the path to healing.


     CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Individual and societal change requires collaborative and continuous learning.

     CHALLENGE THE NORM: We boldly challenge harmful and unjust societal norms. 

“There’s an ethical problem with harming animals for our good. And we should live with that reality and try to do something about it as opposed to constantly making the argument that there’s no way to do it another way.”

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